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At AdKore/Megaforce our goal is to be a true partner with our clients. Our hiring process is one of the most comprehensive in this industry and every candidate is thoroughly interviewed and evaluated technically. AdKore/MegaForce has embraced technology to give our clients access to the best people on a national level. When staffing for temporary or permanent positions, we are able to find the right candidate for your precise need. We always take the time to listen and understand the culture of your company as well as the technical aspect of the opportunity to ensure the best possible hire.

THE PROCESS When you choose AdKore/MegaForce for your staffing needs, these are the steps we will follow. Some steps will vary based on position.

SOURCE Candidates are sourced via referrals, our databases, networking, and good, old-fashioned recruiting.
SCREEN Basic information is gathered from the candidate regarding background, eligibility, skills, and various other notable fields.
INTERVIEW Candidates meet personally, if possible, with a member of the AdKore/MegaForce team in order to validate the candidate’s job history, experience, behavioral traits, and other pertinent information to help insure a strong candidate presentation.
SIGN Candidates sign a Pre-Interview Agreement, if applicable, which verifies the client and position as well as compensation and representation by AdKore/ Megaforce.
VERIFY If requested or applicable, before the candidate is presented to the client, he or she completes technical skills testing. The candidate is then evaluated by three professional references, undergoes a criminal background check, and has any degrees or certifications verified.
PREPARE Candidates are prepped thoroughly before the on-site interview. Information about the client, the specific department and hiring manager, as well as the culture of the group is researched and discussed prior to the interview.
FINISH After our clients accept a candidate, an Employment Agreement is signed, covering all remaining legal issues, and a mutually-agreed upon start date is confirmed.
FOLLOW-UP Account managers see every one of our clients and candidates on a frequent basis to continue assisting in the process.

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One-stop solution for construction

Adkore/Megaforce has built a National Accounts Division to assist our Construction customers when they are in need of a special level of industry expertise and customer service:

  • Disaster Relief Work
  • Shutdowns
  • Traveling Contractors
  • Remote project locations
  • Large commercial/industrial projects
  • Large national teams with several offices
We offer clients a one-stop solution, led by seasoned industry professionals. Email us today for more information!